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Thanks to the THD42 Exploitation network open to all providers, companies can select service packages that best suit their needs and considerably bolster their competitiveness. We are going to talk to two of these companies, who’ve successfully carried out their digital transition. 

Maud Brunel-Fontaine
CEO of BRUNEL SYNERGIE in Savigneux 

Describe your business  

Our head office unites several entities.  BRUNEL ENTREPRISE is a building/structural works company that was set up in Savigneux over 100 years ago. BP2E is a design office specialising in wastewater treatment processes, and Bevac is a wastewater sampling company. There are around 55 people in all of these entities combined.  

We also rent office space to a company that specialises in stairlifts (AR2A). 

Why switch to fibre? 

Our companies respond to several public invitations to tender during the year. Before switching to fibre at the end of 2019, these were mostly carried out using paper forms and applications. 

The mandatory dematerialisation of public tenders came in October 2019. Now, submissions must be carried out on secure platforms. It is absolutely crucial that we have control over our upload times, because we need to respect specific deadlines and timeframes for file submission, otherwise our offer can be rejected. 

How has fibre broadband changed the way you work?   

Before fibre, upload times were irregular and could take several hours. We had to anticipate the submission of offers the day before—constantly stressing about potentially failed uploads. Now, with the company benefitting from dedicated fibre, uploads are much smoother and last for a maximum of around one to two hours with very large files. The speed at which websites open is also incomparable. 

These working conditions are much more comfortable and cause us much less stress! 

Mathieu Pardon – Founder of Douzaleur and 3fois4 at Ecotay-l’Olme 

Describe your business

As a sports enthusiast, I created a running textile brand in 2013 that provides running T-shirts and accessories with unhesitatingly humorous messages (www.douzaleur.com).  

Today, while continuing the development of this brand, I have also specialised in visual communication.  

I have developed a creative design studio to respond to the graphic, digital, and 2D/3D printing needs of brands, clubs, associations, or sports event organisers (www.3fois4.fr). 

Ultra-High-Speed Internet: the ultimate argument for setting up in a rural area? 

My primary focus was quality of life. As a lover of nature and the outdoors, I chose to take my family to a rural environment while continuing to work from home.  

My work involves exchanging large documents on a daily basis, and the speed at which you can do this is essential for optimal efficiency. When we learned that fibre broadband was being rolled out in our municipality, we immediately seized the opportunity to get a connection. 

How has fibre broadband helped you develop your business? 

Most of my clients specialise in events and event planning, and therefore have tight deadlines. Fibre broadband now provides me unfailing responsiveness and competitiveness. Sending information is ultra-smooth and saves me precious time. Let’s be clear: without access to Ultra-High-Speed Internet, I would never have been able to live in the countryside and enjoy this standard of living! 

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