293,461: the number of ‘career integration’ hours provided by Axione in 2019. 

Axione is committed to making fibre optic careers accessible to everyone, across the whole country. 

Working with local and regional bodies for over fifteen years, Axione is driven by our conviction that the deployment of major public infrastructure projects should benefit their local communities as a priority. 

When we undertake these projects all over France, we’re helping to stimulate hiring, training, and skills development.

Jacques Beauvois, Deputy Managing Director of Axione 

Axione is an active participant in local career development programs, setting up comprehensive systems that combine partnerships with local structures, worksite visits, job dating, and pathways to integration and training that are adapted to each applicant employed. 

In line with local public policy, Axione’s career access program provides support and guidance to individuals struggling to find gainful employment, by offering training in fibre optic careers. 

This includes: 

  • RSA recipients 
  • Long-term jobseekers 
  • Recipients of social benefits 
  • Disabled workers 
  • Young people lacking career experience or qualifications 
  • Individuals who qualify for employment access support (insertion par l’activité économique
  • Jobseekers over 50. 

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