The Axione teams used a helicopter to deliver a radio pylon for the Free Mobile account on July 2nd, flying through the skies of Galéria (Haute-Corse) at an altitude of more than 400m.

This operation is part of the New Deal project, which aims to equip the area known as the ‘White Zone’, so-called because it is without mobile network connection, with 3G and 4G coverage.

The site is isolated, so using a helicopter made transporting the necessary equipment during various phases of deployment across the site a lot easier. A live base set up high in the mountains for the entire duration of the works provided the accommodation office for the teams mobilised on-site.

Deploying connectivity throughout a region without losing authenticity

The aesthetic tone of this 4-ton cross-shaped pylon is a first in France. This equipment, developed by ‘Kitting Telecom’, a company specialising in pylon design, shows that it is possible to integrate digital equipment into a region without disfiguring the landscape.

Congratulations to the teams.