On tuesday 7th july, avicca*, represented by its vice-president Nathalie Zammit-Helmer, President of the Ardèche-Drôme Numérique mixed association, and the voluntary military service (smv), represented by general Marc Boileau, signed this framework partnership agreement.

The objective of this collaboration is to promote the recruitment, integration, and training of volunteers from the Voluntary Military Service in digital sector professions.

The Ardèche Drôme Numérique (ADN) mixed association (Syndicat Mixte) is the first body to commit to this partnership.

Nathalie Zammit-Helmer, President of the Ardèche Drôme Numérique Mixed Association, and General Marc Boileau

Around ten young people between the ages of 18 and 25 from the Ambérieu en Bugey Voluntary Military Service Centre will have the opportunity, through this initiative, to join companies rolling out the public fibre optic network in Ardèche and Drôme, including the Axione/Bouygues Energies & Services consortium.

This forms a constituent element of the strategic thrust already initiated by the ADN Mixed Association, which is committed to ensuring that its public project for the rollout of fibre optic services has as much positive impact on employment and the local economy as possible, and since the project began in 2014, ADN has included occupational integration clauses in its contracts.

72,260 hours of occupational integration work have already been completed by 74 people seeking work as part of the initial contracts awarded to 5 consortiums over the first 5 years of rollout (2017-2021). As a continuation of this momentum, the new contract awarded to the Axione/Bouygues Energies & Services consortium in 2019 will allow for an additional 200,000 hours of occupational integration work to be carried out by 2025.

*AVICCA (Association des Villes et Collectivités pour les Communications électroniques et l’Audiovisuel – “Association of Cities and Communities for Electronic Communications and Audiovisual Media”).).


Formed in 2007, the ADN Mixed Association brings together the Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, the two Departments of Ardèche and Drôme, and the region’s 27 EPCIs (Communities of Communes and Conurbation Communities), and leads the region’s public digital development policy.

The ADN Association launched an ambitious project for the construction of over 310,000 FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) connections throughout the region’s 636 communes (64 of which will be dealt with by the private Plan France Très Haut Débit framework), which will provide coverage for 97% of households within the next 8 years.

The ADTIM FTTH Public Service Delegation—comprising ADTIM (95.3%), Axione (3.9%), and Bouygues Energies & Services (1%)—was selected by ADN in 2016 to operate the public FTTH network.

Within this framework, the ADTIM FTTH delegation’s missions include:

  • Marketing the FTTH network to Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Connecting end users (households, businesses, or administrations) as soon as they have subscribed to a fibre package with an operator
  • Ensuring the maintenance of the network