a comprehensive solution that is high-performance, economical, and environmentally friendly.

In order to provide highly secure, superfast connectivity to park customers, our experts used the POL (Passive Optical LAN) solution to install network infrastructure connecting 850 villas throughout the Center Parcs Bois aux Daims resort (incl. technical sites and public areas) in the Vienne department in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. As a result, all holiday-makers will benefit from full network coverage in their accommodation with a superfast connection providing access to several services, including television, WiFi, and internet.


Passive Optical LAN is based on passive fibre optic point-to-multipoint architecture, and is a high-performance, economical, and environmentally friendly solution. This network is supervised by the Pau supervision centre and provides a comprehensive solution combining a complete set IT technologies on the same network.

This technology requires very little equipment. The aim is to minimise the number of technical facilities located throughout the park. The boxes installed in each park villa are highly energy efficient and free up 90% of the floor space taken up by conventional equipment.


As well as being shared, some of the equipment used is passive, so it needs no electrical supply. As the traffic aggregation is only passive, its energy consumption is significantly reduced compared to other solutions—by 30 to 50%.

This particular operation embodies Axione’s desire and commitment to reduce energy consumption throughout all of the projects it is involved in.

Axione’s technological expertise allows for the provision of a comprehensive solution providing connectivity across the whole of the Center Parcs site, while also meeting user needs.

states Eric Tournois from the Sales Department for Managed Services for Regions

The long-term objective is to continue digital rollout for regions while combining these new technological advances with current environmental challenges.


POL is a passive point-to-multipoint fibre optic architecture used for smaller areas such as buildings or campuses

The advantages: A high-performance, economical, and environmentally friendly solution:
– Increased security: data encryption
– The facilities used provide significant digital coverage These are actually placed 20km apart
– The architecture can be adjusted to suit the project (connection of new campuses, speed increases, etc.)
– Allows for a 40% reduction in energy consumption
– Frees up 90% of floor space
– Reduces cabling costs and volume

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