PHOTO feedback from our round table organised for the Salon de l’Immobilier d’Entreprise (Professional real estate convention)

Led by Franck Dupont, Key Accounts Sales Director at Axione, and attended by representatives from Arcep, Gecina, and LD Expertise.

SIMI – Connected Buildings and Regions Forum – Wednesday 11th December – Round Table organised by Axione and attended by Thomas Hervieu (Director of LD EXPERTISE ET SOLUTIONS), Franck Dupont (Sales Director at AXIONE), Lenaig Catz (Mobile and Innovation Department, Mobile markets regulation unit – ARCEP) Pascal Lemoine (Work Environment Director at GECINA)

Choosing sustainable connectivity solutions to best suit your building in the age of 5G.

In 2020, 5G will provide businesses with superfast, real-time mobile connectivity, and connected objects. However, 5G and fibre optic internet also raise a lot of questions regarding potential effects on buildings’ telecoms infrastructure and business models. This round table assembled experts in the field who were able to answer just such questions.