The Eure Normandie Numérique Joint Association has chosen to place the implementation and operation of the FTTH network in the hands of Axione (in consortium with Bouygues Energies & Services, FIDEPPP 2 and Mirova SP5) within the framework of a Public Service Delegation contract for a duration of 20 years and for a fee of €230.6M.

This is a project which will make the department of Eure even more ambitious and innovative regarding digital practices.

Eure Normandie THD, the company working on Superfast Broadband in Eure, whose shareholders are Axione, FIDEPPP 2, Mirova SP5, and Bouygues Energies & Services, joined by the Banque des Territoires, will be in charge of the technical and commercial operation of the 250,000 FTTH phone line points built by the Joint Association (190,000 points) and partially by the operator (60,000 points). With this operation, inhabitants, companies, and local authorities will have universal access to FTTH by the end of 2021, making Eure a leading department in the creation of Superfast Broadband facilities in the region.

All the main players in the sector positioned themselves on this competitive procedure when Eure Normandie Numérique launched the call for tenders in July 2018. After several months of procedure, Axione was chosen by the elected representatives of Eure Normandie Numérique at the beginning of April, considering its technical, commercial, and financial offer.
The FTTH service offering for the people of Eure will be immediate and exhaustive with the operator opening the network to the national commercial operators and to all new operators before the end of

115 jobs to build the network

This project will actively contribute to the region’s attractiveness and competitiveness. The operator company has made strong commitments in terms of employment in planning for almost 115 full time jobs throughout the implementation of the network, in addition to the resources already provided for this work to be carried out. It is estimated that 24,300 integration hours and 3645 training hours will be required for the duration of the project.