In order to strengthen the link that Axione maintains with INSA Rennes, sponsorship of the third year option – Communication Systems and Networks – was initiated on 29 November 2018.

The objective? To provide students with real professional, hands-on support, by gradually building a special relationship. As part of this, an event was organised in Rezé (44) for the entire year group earlier this year, on 24 January.

This is how 37 students, accompanied by two tutors from INSA Rennes, took part in a taster day made up of three main events:

  • Tour of the branch depot, led by the Warehouse Manager. On the programme: a presentation about the equipment used and an explanation of current procedures;
  • a visit to a construction site being undertaken on behalf of service provider Bouygues Telecom – a site still in progress;
  • an opportunity to learn about the Rezé site with its three specialist workshops: a presentation on 5G, an overview of the Project Manager’s role, and a presentation on FTTH operations.

The day alternated between Q&A sessions with professionals and site visits, so that the students could gain an overview of the various career areas involved.

In total, 10 staff were deployed over the course of the day to talk about current activities, as well as those that were still in the pipeline.

A big THANK YOU to the teams who took part!