Dans le cadre des événements Partner Day de Bouygues Telecom, Axione est invité à présenter ses infrastructures THD et le partenariat entre nos équipes depuis près de 10 ans.

Frédérick BOUR
Manager in charge of national telecommunications companies Axione

Pierre-Antoine THIEBAUT
Operational marketing and communications director Bouygues Telecom Entreprises

What are Partner Days?

Frédérick BOUR : they are sessions dedicated to decision-makers in IT. Supported by around 15 of its technology partners, Bouygues Telecom presents solutions that address digital transformation issues. Four major topics are covered: unified communications, enterprise mobility, cyber security andsuperfast broadband, with Axione in particular.
The event is split into two sections: a plenary session takes place in the morning and includes a testimonial from a key client and a number of round table discussions. Axione is invited to present its infrastructure projects and its partnership with Bouygues Telecom during the first round table session of the morning which focuses on superfast broadband networks. This is followed by a lunch reception, when people have the opportunity to interact. Axione has an area in which to welcome Bouygues Telecom’s partners, clients and prospects and to discuss their projects.

Which solutions and services are presented by Axione at the event?

F.B : Axione is attending the 6 sessions planned in Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Tours and Lyon, showcasing its current and upcoming superfast broadband Public Initiative Network infrastructure.
By rolling out superfast broadband networks, Axione is laying the foundations that are vital to digital growth for businesses and is thus positioning itself at the heart of the IT ecosystem.

Why invite Axione to these sessions?

Pierre-Antoine THIEBAUT : ever since we started operating in the enterprise market, with our fixed voice and data solutions, our strategy at Bouygues Telecom Entreprises has been to actively support the PIN deployment initiative in France.
Having Axione at the Partner Day sessions allows us to reinforce the values we promote, such as local service and transparency, with local clients by providing much greater clarity on the reality of superfast broadband in their towns and regions.
We take a partnership-based approach to Public Initiative Networks, working together to meet our goal of developing a superfast fibre broadband platform for as many businesses and SMEs as possible across France. We are proud to say that our “fibre entreprise” (business fibre) service covers 90% of businesses in France, and that’s thanks to our partnership with Axione.

Toulouse, 17th may 2018
Marseille, 30th may 2018
Bordeaux, 6th june 2018
Nantes, 14th june 2018