Axione has won a national framework contract encompassing prime contracting, design and execution of construction works for the Free Mobile network. The contract represents a tremendous opportunity for our technical teams to demonstrate their expertise, and for Axione to grow its customer portfolio.

Free Mobile is currently constructing telecoms facilities at new sites in order to boost its mobile network coverage. The company’s aim is to meet its commitment to France’s telecommunications regulator ARCEP that it will no longer use Orange’s mobile network, and that it will have completed its own network by 2020-2022.

The more effectively we demonstrate our know-how, the more facilities we get to build

Under the contract, Axione will be constructing new relay antennas for the Free Mobile network across the whole of France. The contract should represent annual revenues of around five million Euros in the first year, rising to 30 million Euros annually. Free Mobile has a portfolio of sites to be set up in each French region, which will we assigned to its accredited contractors.

“The framework contract does not specify any commitment in terms of volume of work. It is our ability to demonstrate our know-how, and to cope with the scale of this contract, as well as the quality of the work we do, that will set us apart from our competitors. The more effectively we respond to Free Mobile’s requirements, the more new sites they will assign to us across France,”

said Gauthier Nanoux, Director of the Clients Department at Axione’s Construction Division.

Our added value

With more than twenty years’ experience of working on Bouygues Telecom’s networks, our expertise is certainly proven. Our organisation, with its strong operational focus, and our nationwide coverage mean that we can respond to customers’ needs and assign dedicated teams to locations anywhere in France.

A dedicated structure for managing this account has already been set up within Axione’s Clients Department. In parallel, production units in six regions, representing 29 production centres, have been prepared for action. The first ten sites are under way. Subsequent sites will depend on the rate at which the customer places orders.