• Yvelines Council

    Large-scale network deployment

    Activation of a fibre-optic network and the connecting of over 170 schools. Completion of the project without any subcontracting.
  • Thalès on the SNCF network

    Replacing and configuring radio relays

    Modernization of over 200 radio relays (TETRA) throughout the SNCF network.
    Commitment to service continuity and centralized management.

  • Huawei

    Commissioning of multi-operator facilities

    Deployment or replacement of 5,500 Huawei facilities on several operator networks throughout France.
    Industrial management of the project with integration into the equipment supplier’s information system.

  • Paris City Hall

    Deployment, operation, supervision and maintenance of fibre-optic network infrastructures.
    Total project management, without subcontracting, and support with network commercialization.

  • Bouygues Télécom

    Preventative, curative and ongoing maintenance of the operator’s active infrastructures and facilities, with operation and on-call support in a number of strategic sites in the Paris area.
    Services based on multi-equipment supplier expertise and an ability to rapidly deploy securing equipment.

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