Against the backdrop of far-reaching change and the social, environmental and societal challenges we face, behaving responsibly and taking part in the ecological transition is no longer an option: it is the duty of the entire business community. Managers, shareholders, staff and all the company’s stakeholders are encouraged to reflect on their purpose, their models and their practices, to associate more and more economic value, societal utility and energy sobriety.

Eric Jammaron, Chairman of Axione


Axione wants to make CSR a catalyst for the company’s transformation. We are committed to responsible digital technology and aware of its social, societal and environmental impact.

Our commitments to the environment

By 2030, and in line with our shareholders’ climate strategy, we intend to reduce our carbon footprint by:

-Working with our clients, suppliers and partners on environmental challenges,

-Optimising our car fleet and travel,

-Managing capital assets, the use and end of life of products,

-Reducing our waste, encouraging re-use and recycling,


Social and professional inclusion 

We help to develop local employment and make it easier for those who are excluded to find work in each region. Axione Academy and its employment partners offer a combination of theoretical and practical training. The employees who integrate these schemes are able to quickly get up and running.

Find out what, Emilie and Jamal had to say about their inclusion.

Increasing the number of women in our businesses

Axione also supports the integration, career development and performance of women, regardless of their entity or business line. Women currently account for 25% of Axione’s workforce.

Staff safety

Protecting the health and safety of our teams and all our stakeholders is a major challenge​. We have been working towards total safety for several years.

On the ground, this work has enabled:

-Running 3,200 “safety 1/4 hours” per year. The “safety 1/4 hours” are team talks that share messages and make sure the rules are well understood (or remembered!).

– Approximately 10,000 security visits were conducted in 2021. These visits allow us to check how our worksites are being run, to ensure that safety rules are understood and applied.

We promote good practice and operational excellence to create a positive safety culture. We foster exemplary and humane leadership so that we can listen to needs, encourage or change behaviour.


A trusting relationship with our stakeholders

Axione has developed a strong culture of partnership and involvement with its stakeholders:

25 Public Service Delegations on Public Initiative Networks​

-Pooling infrastructure with operators​

-Involvement in the work of the SERCE branch, Infranum and the public authorities, ARCEP, ANCT, the French State Secretariat for the Digital Economy, etc.

-Citizen involvement through more than 90 public meetings held in 2021 (despite the health context).

Aiming for the highest quality standards

Innovation. We innovate by using AI tools to connect subscribers to street cabinets.
Result: a faster and much more reliable connection.

Continuous improvement. In order to be able to follow the improvement of the quality of interventions and to define new corrective measures, we published in 2021 the first barometer of the STOC mode (subcontracting commercial operator). New measures to improve the quality of connections were taken in 2022.

Certification : Axione has an ambitious certification roadmap that underpins its qualitative approach:​

Certification gained in 2021:​

  • EcoVadis GOLD 2021​ (CSR)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality)​
  • ISO 14001  (Environment)​
  • ISO 45001 (Health and Safety at Work).​

What our staff say:

We realise now that our jobs are more meaningful than ever. For example, we know how to install radio infrastructures in rural areas, or in empty spaces lacking connectivity, as well as in very dense areas.

Vanessa Duparay, Head of Axione’s Toussieu production unit

Axione enables all people living in rural areas to access the same high-speed services as if they were living in a city. This helps to improve users’ quality of life by enhancing their daily lives, and to bridge the digital divide.

David Daroussin, Director of THD42 Exploitation & LOTIM Télécom

What our stakeholders say

We support children who are separated from their parents and who must keep in touch with their families, sick people who have to limit physical contact with their families, and migrants who have families abroad. Fibre enables our organisation to considerably increase the exchange of data, information and videos, not to mention the recent health crisis: we had to provide home schooling for the 2,000 children we support throughout the association.

Sylvain Dumont Lemarié, Development Director of the Montjoie Association, specialising in social housing for people in difficulty

See Sylvain Dumont Lemarié’s video message