Axione provides you with the tools and the skill set you need – supervision and maintenance to ensure you receive service quality and the assurance that all interventions on your digital infrastructures are driven effectively.

Our tools and skilled teams are available to supervise, operate and maintain your digital infrastructure to ensure that it functions correctly, and to carry out all interventions efficiently.

The benefits of this solution

Minimise the impact of incidents and prevent them from occurring

Guarantee performance and service quality

Ensure the longevity of your infrastructures and installations

Improve user experience through high levels of network availability

Propose the latest generation of services

The positives of the Axione offer

  • A monitoring centre available 24/7.
  • Activity reports and regular performance reports.
  • Technicians available all over the country for preventive, corrective and development maintenance.
  • An understanding of the constraints associated with your premises and environments.
  • Effective planning and reactivity with the storage and logistics management of your equipment.

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